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Privacy Policy

Alias VPN has a strict no logs policy. User activity is completely private. The only information logged is when a user is connected to the vpn. The information logged is username, internal IP, length of the session, and the amount of data transfered. This data is required to help monitor and ensure quality of service. This data is not retained and purged after the user disconnects as it is no longer relevant. We have worked hard to configure our servers in such a way that user privacy is protected.

When you visit our website we only collect information that has to do with improving our service and marketing efforts in order to give our users the best possible experience. Any data collected from our website for marketing purposes is not personally identifiable in any way, or has to do with your personal online activity. Your email address and payment details always remain private. No cookies are stored on our system and no one, including us, can track you or your profile under any circumstances. User anonymity and privacy is our number one priority.

Alias VPN does not share or provide user details, activity, or any information to any third parties, including, but not limited to, law enforcement and government agencies.

Alias VPN is a trade name of Sentry Tech LTD. Sentry Tech LTD is a register company in the country of Belize and as such must adhere to the laws of Belize.